Goal Setting Activities for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency, the setting of goals helps you with focus and drive. The goals bring you back to the key things that have to occur every day.So goals should be part of your planning process in commercial real estate sales and leasing. Whilst many agents set plans at the beginning of the year, they tend to forget them or put them away for a later time. If you have those plans set, the only way you will get on track towards them is in setting new habits that match the targets that you are chasing.In our industry the targets that we set and strive for personally should include key indicators such as:
Number of clients in your database
Database growth (monthly is good for assessment)
Outbound calls to prospects
Meetings with prospects from those calls
Door-knocking strategies and systems
Ratios of meetings to listings
Ratios of open listings to exclusive listings
Time on market
Referral business
Gross commissions
Value of property sold per sale
These numbers tell you something. For example if your value of property sold per sale is going up, you are likely to be attracting a better quality of client or property. Over time the top agents of the industry move into better properties and relationships. That then makes the deals easier; better listings bring in better enquiries.So here are some processes that can help you as an agent to focus on the things that really matter:
Plan the events of tomorrow tonight before you retire. All the decisions of the next day should be set so you can start the day with action and not time wasting decision making as to what is important.
The outbound contact and calls are really important in your daily activities as an agent. The outbound contact should happen first thing when the business day starts. Create some new contact every day. Get to those new people that you have wanted to contact for some time. Put them in your database. Build the relationship.
Clients are quite important to your commissions and negotiations. When it comes to exclusive listings, the clients that you have on your books should be spoken to every couple of days if not daily. Keep them up to date when it comes to the market and the listings. Help them move ahead with packaging their property for success in sales or leasing.
In commercial real estate today, the pressures of the market can easily overtake you if you do not plan and set your targets. Keep on track and the results will come.

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